Ankole Cow Horn Wine Bottle Holder - Light


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
Minimal and innovative this gravity defying Ankole Cow Horn Wine Holder is striking more so because of the uniqueness of its material. Handcrafted from locally sourced Ankole cow horn, which is renowned for its light texture that's subtly marbled with grays and blacks. The curved shape design allows for an elegant, simple holder to perfectly balance a wine or some liquor bottles. Please note that cow horn texture may slightly vary in colors from the image above. A great gift or even a self indulgent purchase. Pair it with other horn accessories to stylishly co-ordinate your home. Made in: Uganda Materials: stainless steel and ethically sourced Ankole cow horn.
Thomas Blackshear Nurturer
Thomas Blackshear Nurturer

This is one of the creates pieces he made..sometimes I just ...