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Wholesale Program

Dear prospective customers:

We are happy to introduce the new "AFRICAN IMPORTS USA B2B (wholesale) PROGRAM". This program is for business owners and an opportunity for those who are business oriented to explore a new horizon. Through this program, we make it easy and affordable for businesses to attain their goals by making everything on our Web site available to wholesale buyers just as it is to the retail buyers.

African Imports USA B2B Wholesale Policy:
We require a minimum "opening order" of $500 on any of these departments: Clothing, Art and Figurines*. The discount for these departments will be 25%.

We require a minimum opening order of $300 on any of these departments;Videos,Music,and Books. The discount for these departments will be 15%.

Subsequent minimum order is only $100 for the clothing, art and clothing department and $50 for the rest of the department.

All initial orders must be pre-paid. All our company’s policies as stated on our Web site remain the same.

To join African Imports USA B2B program, please complete the order form and fax us your order.

Fax # 972-296-9550
Tel # 1-877-823-7422

*may not include all products

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