Keep It On The Down LOAD


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'ENLIGHTENING' is the single best word to describe this Fascinating and Compelling Musical Stage Play. This dramatic heart wrenching comedy will shock your senses about the realities of meeting people on the Internet! Im sure you will agree that this project title is 'Witty' and 'Brilliant' as it indicates that the story line will address down low issues on the internet. 'Oh what a tangled World Wide Web we weave!' This masterpiece will speak to the intellect of men. women and teens from all ethnic backgrounds and will challenge all of us to consider sound and responsible ways of approaching business and relationships conceived on line.

The content of this play boldly touches unthinkable situations. 'Keep It On The Down-LOAD' is meant to be humorously entertaining. yet enlightening and thought provoking.

Ms. Michelles mission is to bring awareness to internet users of all ages especially teen users. through the extraordinary mobile vehicle of live theatre.

'Being direct in dealing with relevant issues that are faced daily on the internet is the only way I could write this story. I think its imperative to write with purpose and create relative issues that ALL can identify with in order to send positive life changing messages while at the same time provide good entertainment. I desire for my audience to walk away enlightened. inspired. and encouraged to be responsible internet users.' Says Ms. Michelle

AGAIN ... Participants wont forget this enlightening performance. 'KEEP IT ON THE DOWN-LOAD' will make you laugh. cry and identify as the playwright deals with the raw truths about teen predators. fraud. identity theft. technology vs. human logy and much more.