Thomas Blackshear Evening Rose, Black Dress


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Thomas Blackshear Ebony Visions Figurine Evening Rose, Black Dress is retired.

For ten years this dark beauty has adorned Thomas Blackshear's Ebony Visions artwork. The first in a series of woman inspired by the Art Deco styling of the 1920's and 30's. Evening Rose exemplifies the use of geometric forms. Art Deco influenced the development of Thomas's personal Afro Nouveau style portrayed throughout the collection. The notable characteristics of Ebony Visions; strength; elegance and classic beauty show clearly in every line of Evening Rose.

Thomas Richman Blackshear II was born on November 14, 1955 in Waco Texas but he grew up in Atlanta Georgia. He attended and graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 1977. His first Ebony Visions figurine is The Story Teller; which is truly a master piece. His works and details captures the black culture like no other.

Thomas Blackshear has received numerous awards and is truly one of the most acclaimed African American Artists.

Evening Rose, Black Dress by Thomas Blackshear.